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Artists' Profiles

Artnexus is a collective of visual artists using the web to extend their territory beyond their home base, to showcase their work and to interact with the wider world.
Although most members live and work in the Waikato province of New Zealand some members are based in Auckland or the South Island; some have a long history there, others have arrived from far distant places. Their life stories, ongoing travel and current concerns are reflected in the wide diversity of vibrant and thoughtful work from the group. The artists exhibit physically as well as on-line, and have enjoyed good sales worldwide during their years as a collective.

Artnexus artists welcome you to their website.

To view an artist's works, click on the artist's name or photo.

Vicki Carruthers

Painting and sculpture challenge me to think beyond what I can see and to find and express the essence of a subject.

In my paintings I want to capture this through line and colour, without full detail, and my work has become more abstract. In any subject I look for the underlying movement and strength before applying the surface qualities, but I particularly like painting landscapes. My sculptures are also abstract, and in them I also seek to express form and movement.

Much of my inspiration has come from the west coast Raglan landscape, and more recently from visits to South Island high country; each time I see or experience something in the hills or sea that I didn't see the time before and the challenge is to express this.

Robyn Douglas

I have been painting for many years, beginning with flowers, still life and landscapes in watercolour, and later tackling oils, portraits, and the exciting world of contemporary art. This became an addictive challenge. I also experimented with collage, mixed media and acrylics.
Later I began sculpting first with Oamaru stone and then with Hinuera stone and marble.
I now fuse and slump glass in Waianakarua, North Otago, where my husband and I moved after retirement. I am making colourful contemporary plates and jewellery, but the journey continues with plans to increase my knowledge of this wonderful versatile medium.
More of my work can be seen on my website www.robyndouglasart.co.nz.

Chris Kannegieter-Groves

I have been a member of Artnexus since its inception in 2000.
My current showcase is a sample of my work over some years.
I was increasingly drawn to abstraction and exhibited abstract works at the Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville, in May 2012 "Drawn to Abstraction".
Works "From Life - Figure and Ground" are small and the figures have been reduced from my large life studies, scanned and made into templates. The figures in the paintings reference works from Matisse, Manet, Cezanne and Seurat.
Recent paintings evolved around sculptures 'found' in public places and others revert to the theme of my garden.

Marion Bailey

Form and colour are my passion. My work has structure and a strong design element. Abstraction comes from a representational base, either landscape or the human figure. Solid flesh forms frequently give inspiration. I enjoy sculpting in paint, striving for the illusion of the third dimension.

The original idea is the basis only for the painting. It evolves and becomes a play of rhythms, shapes and colours, positive and negative spaces. The titles come during the painting process.

Having worked for many years in various aspects of graphic art, underlying design forms are subconsciously threaded through my work. Cubism is an ongoing influence. Oils are my preferred medium - I enjoy their textural quality and clarity.

Ruth Manning

I am interested in the Northern European myths and legends of my forebears, and their journeys, across vast oceans, to these shores which we call home.
I see the universal myth in the world all around me.
Recent tours of Scotland, Ireland, England have renewed my interest in our N.Z. landscape
Most of my painting has been from sketches made in the field, combining these with figure studies.
Being also interested in Genealogy and family research, I am interested in the areas my forebears lived in, and the tools and machines that were available at the time they lived.

June Hopper

From a very early age I was interested in art. On retirement I enrolled in Art classes.
Everyday things I see inspire me to record the beautiful colours, form, and shapes of our natural environment.
Painting and studying the life and history of all art has become an important part of my lifestyle.

Paul Hardy

I have been painting for approximately six years following my introduction to painting through the Hillcrest High School evening classes.

New Zealand's coastal, dry-land and riverine landscapes impress me particularly. While this is reflected in my work I also enjoy painting a variety of other subjects.

Painting, in preference to photography, allows me the flexibility to emphasise and interpret aspects of a subject, and to be creative using the simplest tools.

Pressure on my time has tended to make me an impatient artist and I appreciate the spontaneity I can achieve by use of fast-drying acrylic paint, liberally applied by knife usually at one sitting. At other times the rich lustre of oils attracts and, for me, promotes a considered study of a subject, painted over several sessions.

Artists who impress me include Doris Lusk, Sir Tosswill Woollaston, Frank Auerbach and Giorgio de Chirico.

My aim is to develop a more expressive style, lying somewhere between abstraction and realism.

Robyn McBride

I began painting when my three children were young, pursued other creative outlets during a career as a primary school teacher and Education Advisor. Initially I used oils, had a brief 'fling' with watercolours, but love the vibrancy of acrylics. My paintings express my thoughts and feelings about things around me - at home, in the garden, and our wonderful New Zealand landscape, particularly the Waikato area where I live. Overseas travel to different countries adds another layer of diversity.

While my work is largely realistic in style, I enjoy combining elements in unusual ways. I am intrigued by surrealism, particularly the Belgian artist Magritte, with his use of words together with images. I have always admired Aboriginal art, and have used some of the techniques in recent paintings. My wonderfully supportive husband and inspiring 'art' friends encourage me to challenge my boundaries!

I have had works displayed in various local Hamilton galleries (Sandz ,'Artspost') and the Mayor's office and national galleries , 'Carpe Deim' in Wellington and 'The Pumphouse' in Auckland In 2008 I was a finalist in the McCaw Lewis Chapman Waikato Regional Art Competition.

Pam Watson

My paintings are usually a personal response to the Waikato landscape. Certain places haunt me until I paint them. The weather, time of day, cultural objects, images from well known paintings – all become symbols and signs that add layers of meaning. Obsessive layering of paint or dry marks and washes reflect the growing intensity of feeling that comes as I work.
As a child I was fascinated by paintings. My aunt was a professional painter and my grandfather an ardent amateur. Their transformation into paint of scenes I lived amongst was at once mystery and magic. I was 30 when I first lifted a paint brush in earnest - and was hooked for life. I have been a teacher of painting in Hamilton and the Waikato for 25 years and have attempted to pass on my passion for painting to my students.

I agree with Henry James: “It is art that makes life…. I know of no substitute for the force and beauty of its process”

Loreen Anscombe

I have been interested in Art all my life but family and business commitments have prevented me from pursuing this on a full time basis.In retirement I have found great pleasure and satisfaction in extending my skills as a painter. I have experimented with watercolour and acrylic, which has encouraged me to extend myself.

Jean Horn

Art as a vehicle of communication has an importance in all cultures, down the ages as well as in the modern world.
Throughout, it has been nurtured in group dynamics which encourage exchange of both practical and philosophical ideas that become the commentary.
I enjoy the practical exchanges as well the journey with fellow artists - a continuum of change, challenge and companionship.

Pauline Tapping

My paintings pay testimony to my love of and response to warm colours. The subjects I favour are those that display an exuberant sense of energy and movement and which have great contrasts of light and depth.

Yvonne Anscombe

Constant diversity in my painting practice allows for construction and formation to reflect my everchanging creative influences and environments

Catherine Smith

I feel a close connection to the natural world and its many dimensions. As an artist I want to represent aspects of Nature’s movement, chemistry, colour and form through expressionism and abstraction.

Life experiences, tramping and travel lead to an accumulation of images. I am fascinated by the mysterious process whereby we observe, absorb, feel and then work up a painting.

My work reflects a personal response to stored images, advocacy for the environment, and a wish to share what I feel with others.

Joy Yeates-Ross

Art is a way to communicate my feelings, experiences and ideas; for me it is a long journey I hope will never end.

Lyn Dyson

Over the last decade my focus has switched from painting to quiltmaking which I aproach as an artist. Selecting fabrics for a quilt gives me the same buzz that a painter gets from the smell of oil-paints. Finding fabric motifs that trigger memories of art eras, design forms or artists inspires most of my quilts.
Quiltmaking provides an opportunity to create a finished article that is unique. I have an extensive collection of found fabrics to use in this process.
I was born in the Waikato where, in my early teens, I had lessons in oil-painting from my Aunt (Violet Watson), an accomplished Waikato artist. I later lived in Vienna for 28 years, where I completed a 2 year art diploma and visited most of the major museums and galleries in Europe. I returned to NZ in 1996 to settle on the Hibiscus Coast.

Yvonne Singleton

My works embody the essence of natural elements and time worn buildings.I have responded to the evocative power of the ageing process. Travel is an integral part of my process allowing me to isolate elements of colour and texture and re framing them onto canvas.
I am a process driven artist. The creation of multiple abstract layers are essential to the development of the image. thus the work acquires a history in the process.