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Artworks by Lyn Dyson

Over the last decade my focus has switched from painting to quiltmaking which I aproach as an artist. Selecting fabrics for a quilt gives me the same buzz that a painter gets from the smell of oil-paints. Finding fabric motifs that trigger memories of art eras, design forms or artists inspires most of my quilts.
Quiltmaking provides an opportunity to create a finished article that is unique. I have an extensive collection of found fabrics to use in this process.
I was born in the Waikato where, in my early teens, I had lessons in oil-painting from my Aunt (Violet Watson), an accomplished Waikato artist. I later lived in Vienna for 28 years, where I completed a 2 year art diploma and visited most of the major museums and galleries in Europe. I returned to NZ in 1996 to settle on the Hibiscus Coast.

Quilted Wallhanging (740mm x 740mm)
Fertile Ground III
Quilt (1020mmx820mm)
Still Life ?
Textile (900mmx1060mm)
Textile (850mm x 750970mm)
Tete a Tete
Textile (1100mm x 880mm)
Dragon Clouds over the Gulf
Quilt (1190 x 1080)
In the Sculpture Garden
Quilt (1350x1350)
Windswept Garden - detail
Quilt (1250x1430)
Birds in the Batik
Textile hanging (970mm x810mm)
Going with the Flow
Quilt (1840x2100mm)
Pacific Windows (detail 2)
Quilt (1200x1200)
Before Nightfall- detail
Quilt (1120mm x 1120mm)
Pacific Threads- detail
Textile Art - Quilt (1120x1140)
West Coast
Textile (1100mm x 750mm)
Textile Art - Quilt (1440x1450mm)
Hibiscus Blue
Quilt or Hanging (1050 x 1190mm)
This item has been sold Colour in the Garden
Quilt or Hanging (1160mm x 1200mm)
This item has been sold Fish on the Table
Textile art Cushion (530mm x 620mm)
Rose Garden
Quilt (950x1200mm)
This item has been sold Birds, Butterflies, Batik
Quilt (1310x1280mm)
Blue bird in the Pacific
Textile art (830x840mm)
Roses for Violet
Quilt (1500x1500)
Bowers for the Golden Birds
Textile Art (910 x 750 mm)
Textile Art (1130mm x 1230 mm)
Hibiscus Gold
Textile Art (1320mm x 1320 mm)
Oriental Bazaar
Quilt (1350 x 1350)
W1ndswept Garden

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