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Artworks by Marion Bailey

Form and colour are my passion. My work has structure and a strong design element. Abstraction comes from a representational base, either landscape or the human figure. Solid flesh forms frequently give inspiration. I enjoy sculpting in paint, striving for the illusion of the third dimension.

The original idea is the basis only for the painting. It evolves and becomes a play of rhythms, shapes and colours, positive and negative spaces. The titles come during the painting process.

Having worked for many years in various aspects of graphic art, underlying design forms are subconsciously threaded through my work. Cubism is an ongoing influence. Oils are my preferred medium - I enjoy their textural quality and clarity.

Oil on canvas (800x600mm)
Cross Hatch
Oil on canvas (1150x570mm)
Power of Time
Oil on canvas (1150x570mm)
Power of Red 2
Oil on canvas (500x400mm)
Letra-Scramble 2
Oil on canvas (500x400mm)
Letra-Scramble 1
Oil on canvas (600mmx600mm)
Oil on canvas - diptych (850mm x 600mm)
Fly Free
oil on canvas (600mmx900mm)
Estuary Sunset
oil on canvas (530mmx740mm)
Fractured Reflection
oil on canvas (740mmx530mm)
New Direction
oil on canvas (535mmx740mm)
Coastal Land Forms
oil on canvas (9200mm x 4600mm)
oil on canvas (740mm x 535mm)
Harbour Forms
oil on canvas (760mmx620mm)
Life Balance
oil on canvas (620mm x 900mm)
Oil on Canvas -Triptych
Oil on Canvas-Diptych (800x230mm  x2)
Glass Work
Oil on canvas (800x600mm)
Acrylic  - Mixed Media (740 x 620)
Textured Land
oil on board circles (500 x 900mm)
Time is a Winding River
Oil on Board Circles (500 x 900 mm)
The River Runs Free
Oil on Canvas (800 x 600mm)
Oil on canvas (900 x 300)
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oil on board- framed (400 x 600)
Blue Nudes
Oil on Board Circles (500 x 900mm)
Rondo 1
Oil on canvas (350 x 700 mm)

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