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Artworks by Ruth Manning

I am interested in the Northern European myths and legends of my forebears, and their journeys, across vast oceans, to these shores which we call home.
I see the universal myth in the world all around me.
Recent tours of Scotland, Ireland, England have renewed my interest in our N.Z. landscape
Most of my painting has been from sketches made in the field, combining these with figure studies.
Being also interested in Genealogy and family research, I am interested in the areas my forebears lived in, and the tools and machines that were available at the time they lived.

Oil on Cardboard.
The Ondine
Oil on Cardboard
Oli on Cardboard
Oil on Cardboard
Oil on Cardboard
In Concert..
Watercolour with charcoal.
Kaitoke Estuary.
Acrylic on Cardboard.
Acrylic on Cardboard.
Dilemma Abstract. Process
Photo of Me with the Separator
Acrylic on stretched Cotton Duck.
Feeding the Hens.
Acrylic on Stretched Cotton Duck.
Turning the Separator.
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Fire-wood Day.
Acrylic on Canvas
The Candidate
Acrylic on Canvas
Sale Day
Acrylic on Canvas
Country Music Afternoon
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
A home for Auntie Bertha.
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
A home for Curley
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
Managers House
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
A home for Wiremu
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
Little Home in the West
Acrylic on Canvas (300m. X 300mm.)
Mountain Homestead
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm. X 300mm.)
Top Farm
Acrylic on Canvas
Aplace we called Home.
India Ink on cartridge paper (350mm X 350mm)
Horses in Harness
Pencil on Cartridge Paper (210mm X 210mm)
First Shady
Watercolour paint and Gouache on coloured paper. (350mm X 350mm)
Little Island Whangamata.
Watercolour and resist. (210 X 297mm.)
Anne H
Sketch,  Metallic Pens on Black Cardboard. (210mm X 297mm.)
Metalic Family Band.
Markers and coloured inks on Paper. (210mm X 297mm)
Port-a-com Art Studio.
Coloured Pencils  on watercolour paper. (210mm X 297mm.)
Ruakaka, 87 my view.
Pencil on Cartridge Paper (210 X 297 mm.)
Childrens Glitter Crayons on Paper (A3 Cartridge Paper.)
Study of Paula Modherson Becker.
Pastel on Pastel Paper.
Sylvia on a cold Day.
Pencil on aper (A3)
Marker Pen and Ink on Paper (A3 Cartridge Paper.)
Steam Engine in Hamilton
Black Marker Pen on Paper (A3 Cartridge Paper.)
Two Steam Engines
Watercolour on W.C. Paper (210 X 297 mm.)
Cape Kidnappers.
Pencil on Paper (210mm X 297mm)
Rangitikei Country
Waikaremoana Lake-side.
Dip Pen and Ink (210mm X 297mm.)
Mt Karioi Raglan evening.
Watercolour on w.c. paper (210mm X 297mm.)
Spirit of Raglan
Watercolour and Gouache on Paper. (210mm X 297mm.)
Shells at the Sea Shore.
Pencil on A3 Size Paper (A3  Sketch.)
Bedford Truck 1990
Oil on Textured Hardboard. (350mm X 350 mm)
Blue Glass and Persimmons
Coloured Pencils on Watercolour Paper (210mm X 297mm)
Cottage in Huntly
Watercolour on W.C. Paper. (210mm X 297mm.)
Huntly Power Station.
Pencil on cartridge paper. (210mm X 297mm)
Ruakaka 2000
Watercolour. (210mm X 297mm.)
Ninety Mile Beach
Acrylic Paint and Palette Knife. (Sketch A3 Paper)
Bridee waiting for a call.
Watercolour on Paper (Sketch  A3 Paper.)
Bedford III
Pen and Ink (210mm X 297mm)
Farmall at Kawhia
Pencil on Paper (210 X297mm)
Fordson Major at Thames
Ink Drawing from my Sketches. (210mm X 297mm.)
Massey Harris at Whangapoua
Ink Drawing from My Sketch Book. (210mm X 297mm.)
The Oliver at Awakino.
Watercolour on Paper. (A3 Cartridge Paper.)
Japonica Glen Afton.
Watercolour on cartridge paper. (A3)
Wallflowers Glen Afton.
Pencil on Cartridge Paper.
Self Portrait 93
Mock printing process using Indian Ink and White Gouache to mask. (297mm X420mm.)
Snowball and Lilac
Mock printing Process (A5 Size  Watercolour Paper)
Sketch  Pencil on cartridge paper. (210mm X 297mm.)
Cows on the Road-side Whitianga.
A2 Cartridge Paper (A 2 Paper  Watercolour and resist.)
Pretty Glass and Hens.
Watercolour on Cartridge Paper (A3 Paper)
Cyclamens and Jug
Pencil on Paper (A4 Cartridge.)
Watercolour on Pastel Paper. (210mm X 297mm)
Charcoal on Paper. (A2 Sheet Cut Down)
Cruisie Claiming "The Chair"
Watercolour Paint on Watercolour Paper. (300mm X 400mm)
Self Portrait
Watercolour on Cartridge. (A2 Size Paper)
Glass, Hens and Rosehips.
Pastel on Acrylic Tinted cartridge Paper. (A2 Cartridge Paper.)
Green Glass and fruit
Crayon on cartridge Paper. (A2 Cartridge Paper.)
Jug and Apples
Hobbies Small Boats.
Lino-Cut and watercolour paint. (300mm X 300mm)
Teddy-Bear Lino-cut
Birthday Card
Acrylic on Canvas
Spring on Pirongia
Acrylic on Canvas
Waterfall Waikaremoana
Acrylic on board (410x500mm)
This item has been sold Sunset Surprise
Indian Ink and Gouache
Waitomo Bush walk
Pencil on Cartridge Paper.
Ruakaka 2001
Watercolour on A2  Paper (A2 )
Maidenhair and Pukekos
Water-soluble Colour Pencils  (210mm X 297mm)
Glitter Crayon on Paper. (A3 Cartridge Paper.)
Study of Paula Mohderson Becker

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