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Artworks by Ruth Manning

I am interested in the Northern European myths and legends of my forebears, and their journeys, across vast oceans, to these shores which we call home.
I see the universal myth in the world all around me.
Recent tours of Scotland, Ireland, England have renewed my interest in our N.Z. landscape
Most of my painting has been from sketches made in the field, combining these with figure studies.
Being also interested in Genealogy and family research, I am interested in the areas my forebears lived in, and the tools and machines that were available at the time they lived.

Acrylic on Canvas
The River and the Hills
Acrylic on Canvas
Lest We Forget
Oils on CArdboard. (610mm. X 430mm.)
Meeting of Renown
Oils on Canvas (620mm. X 770mm.)
Acrylic on Canvas (300x300mm)
Acrylic on canvas with sand (800x1000mm)
Acrylic with sand on board (410x510mm)
Walk in the Bush
Acrylic on board (410x500mm)
This item has been sold Sunset Surprise
Acrylic on Canvas (300mm X 400mm)
Take Flight II
Acrylic on Canvas (450mm X 350mm Framed)
Apprehension I
Mixed Media on Canvas (450mm X 350mm)
Apprehension II
Mixed Media on Paper on Canvas (300mm X 400mm)
Aspirations IV
Acrylic on Paper on Canvas (300mm X300mm)
Take Flight I
Mixed Media on Paper on canvas (300mm X 400mm)
Aspirations I
Mixed Media on Paper on Canvas (300mm X 400mm)
Aspirations III
Mixed Media on Paper on Canvas (400mm X 300mm)
Aspirations II
Acrylic on paper on canvas
Aspirations I, II, III, IV
Deep in the Forest
Acrylic on Canvas
Charlotte's Apples
Watercolour and non-waterproof ink
Misty Mountain Morning

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