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Artworks by Paul Hardy

I have been painting for approximately six years following my introduction to painting through the Hillcrest High School evening classes.

New Zealand's coastal, dry-land and riverine landscapes impress me particularly. While this is reflected in my work I also enjoy painting a variety of other subjects.

Painting, in preference to photography, allows me the flexibility to emphasise and interpret aspects of a subject, and to be creative using the simplest tools.

Pressure on my time has tended to make me an impatient artist and I appreciate the spontaneity I can achieve by use of fast-drying acrylic paint, liberally applied by knife usually at one sitting. At other times the rich lustre of oils attracts and, for me, promotes a considered study of a subject, painted over several sessions.

Artists who impress me include Doris Lusk, Sir Tosswill Woollaston, Frank Auerbach and Giorgio de Chirico.

My aim is to develop a more expressive style, lying somewhere between abstraction and realism.

Acrylic on canvas (765x380 )
Towards Earnslaw
Acrylic on canvas (760x380)
New day Wakatipu
Oil on Canvas (615mm x 416mm)

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