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Artworks by Robyn McBride

I began painting when my three children were young, pursued other creative outlets during a career as a primary school teacher and Education Advisor. Initially I used oils, had a brief 'fling' with watercolours, but love the vibrancy of acrylics. My paintings express my thoughts and feelings about things around me - at home, in the garden, and our wonderful New Zealand landscape, particularly the Waikato area where I live. Overseas travel to different countries adds another layer of diversity.

While my work is largely realistic in style, I enjoy combining elements in unusual ways. I am intrigued by surrealism, particularly the Belgian artist Magritte, with his use of words together with images. I have always admired Aboriginal art, and have used some of the techniques in recent paintings. My wonderfully supportive husband and inspiring 'art' friends encourage me to challenge my boundaries!

I have had works displayed in various local Hamilton galleries (Sandz ,'Artspost') and the Mayor's office and national galleries , 'Carpe Deim' in Wellington and 'The Pumphouse' in Auckland In 2008 I was a finalist in the McCaw Lewis Chapman Waikato Regional Art Competition.

acrylic on canvas (915 x 610 mm)
Underflow Reality - Raglan
Oil on canvas (610mmx460mm)
Ce N'est Pas Citron
Acrylic on canvas (760 x 380 mm)
Marram grass - Whangamata
Acrylic on canvas (510 x 1010mm)
Acrylic (70cm Diameter)
Autumn Red
Acrylic on canvas (510 x 400 mm)
Acrylic on canvas
Harakeke Heart
Acrylic on canvas (600 x 910)
Julie as Matisse nude
Acrylic on canvas (760mm x 380mm)
Baby Dotterel/Tuturiwhatu, Whangamata
Acrylic on canvas (510 x 400 mm )
Nga tui e rua
Acrylic on canvas (250 x 250mm)
Acrylic on Canvas
acrylic on canvas
Fascinating Kaka
Acrylic on Canvas
Tui Antics
Acrylic on Canvas (120 x 80)
Finishing touches
Acrylic on canvas
Rare Creature - Mariana Trench
Acrylic on canvas (760 x 760 mm)
Birthday Gift
Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on canvas
King Tide - Whangamata
Acrylics (920x610)
This item has been sold Giving a fig
Oil on Canvas (91x46cm)
Birds-eye View of Raglan
Oil on canvas (80x100cm)
Acrylic on canvas (915 x 600 mm)
Spice Market, Istanbul
Acrylic on canvas (915 x 600 mm)
Acrylic on Canvas ( 915x610 mm)
Helix- (Sold)
Acrylic on canvas (910 x 610)
Winds of Time
Acrylic on canvas (70cm Diameter)
Autumn Beauty
 (70cm Diameter)
Acrylic on Canvas (1000mmx 800mm)
Raglan Nocturne
Acrylic on canvas
Napier Summer 11, 1934 A.D.
Acrylic on canvas (760 x 1020 mm)
Raining Tamarillos
Acrylic on canvas (800x1000mm)
Hanbok ladies
Acrylic on Canvas (180 x 910)
Mum and Dad
Acrylic/stones (300x610)
acrylic/stones (300x610)
Mixed media (200x200)
  Acrylic on canvas
NZ Summer - Robyn McBride

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