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Artworks by Catherine Smith

I feel a close connection to the natural world and its many dimensions. As an artist I want to represent aspects of Nature’s movement, chemistry, colour and form through expressionism and abstraction.

Life experiences, tramping and travel lead to an accumulation of images. I am fascinated by the mysterious process whereby we observe, absorb, feel and then work up a painting.

My work reflects a personal response to stored images, advocacy for the environment, and a wish to share what I feel with others.

acrylic on canvas (600x900mm)
Waikato Summer
acrylic on canvas (610x760mm)
Lake Taupo Cliffs
Mixed Media on Paper (420x300mm)
This item has been sold Mt Hopeless
mixed media on board (210 x290 mm unmatted)
Ketetahi Bush
mixed media on board (210 x290 mm unmatted)
Te Mari Crater
mixed media on board (210 x290 mm unmatted)
acrylic on canvas (770x610mm)
Waikato Autumn
mixed media on canvas (560x710mm)
This item has been sold Ice Water

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