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Welcome to Artnexus

Current Exhibition

Recently Artnexus (in conjunction with ArtVenture) held its 18th Annual Exhibition at ArtsPost, Hamilton. This is the third selection of works from that exhibition.

Upcoming Exhibition

The two next exhibitions will feature works by Vicki Carruthers and Jean Horn from their two solo exhibitions which open at 5.30pm, 19th July at ArtsPost, Hamilton.

Daily Spotlight

Oil on canvas (80x100cm)
Robyn McBride

Artnexus Artists

Catherine Smith
Chris Kannegieter-Groves
Jean Horn
Joy Yeates-Ross
June Hopper
Loreen Anscombe
Lyn Dyson
Marion Bailey
Pam Watson
Paul Hardy
Pauline Tapping
Robyn Douglas
Robyn McBride
Ruth Manning
Vicki Carruthers
Yvonne Anscombe
Yvonne Singleton

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