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New Zealand Online Art Gallery Showcase
This is a showcase of art from the artists belonging to the Artnexus co-operative. To see more of the artist's works, click on their name. To see a larger version of the works, click on the images or the titles.
Mixed Media on canvas (1050 mm x 780 mm)
Karst Impressions
Yvonne Singleton
Acrylic on Paper (A2)
Slanting Light
Robyn Douglas
Oil on canvas (600mmx600mm)
Marion Bailey
Acrylic (760 x 1000)
Milly Molly & Mandy
June Hopper
Acrylic on canvas (761x761mm)
At the Lake - Flying
Pam Watson
oil on canvas (1500 x 1010 mm)
Elemental Forces
Vicki Carruthers
Quilt (1250x1430)
Birds in the Batik
Lyn Dyson
Acrylic on Canvas (80 cm x 100 cm)
Every Move you Make
Yvonne Anscombe
Acrylic on canvas (600 x 900 mm)
Misty Morning
Loreen Anscombe
Oil on board (590mm x 460 mm)
Colours of the Gorge
Chris Kannegieter-Groves
Acrylic on canvas (700x 550)
Sunspots and Dust Storms
Pauline Tapping
 (70cm Diameter)
Robyn McBride
acrylic on canvas (760x380mm)
Volcanic Plateau Winter
Catherine Smith
Acrylic (900x600)
Evening Calm
Jean Horn

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