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New Zealand Online Art Gallery Showcase
This is a showcase of art from the artists belonging to the Artnexus co-operative. To see more of the artist's works, click on their name. To see a larger version of the works, click on the images or the titles.
Mixed Media on canvas (1050 mm x 780 mm)
Karst Impressions
Yvonne Singleton
Acrylic on Paper (A2)
Slanting Light
Robyn Douglas
Oil on canvas (600mmx600mm)
Marion Bailey
Acrylic (760 x 1000)
Milly Molly & Mandy
June Hopper
Acrylic on canvas (761x761mm)
At the Lake - Flying
Pam Watson
Quilt (1250x1430)
Birds in the Batik
Lyn Dyson
Oil on canvas (1500 x 1120 mm)
Braided Rivers
Vicki Carruthers
Acrylic on Canvas (80 cm x 100 cm)
Every Move you Make
Yvonne Anscombe
acrylic on board, framed (670 x 960mm)
Tsunami Landscape
Catherine Smith
Acrylic (900x600)
Evening Calm
Jean Horn
Oil on board (590mm x 460 mm)
Colours of the Gorge
Chris Kannegieter-Groves
Acrylic on canvas (700x 550)
Sunspots and Dust Storms
Pauline Tapping
 (70cm Diameter)
Robyn McBride
Acrylic on canvas (600 x 900 mm)
Misty Morning
Loreen Anscombe

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